Into the Void


OUT TODAY! – Into the Void by Geezer Butler

A rollicking, effusive, and candid memoir by the heavy metal musician and founding member of Black Sabbath, covering his years as the band’s bassist and main lyricist through his later-career projects, and detailing how one of rock’s most influential bands formed and prevailed. 

With over 70 million records sold, Black Sabbath, dubbed by Rolling Stone “the Beatles of heavy metal,” helped create the genre itself, with their distinctive heavy riffs, tuned down guitars, and apocalyptic lyrics. Bassist and primary lyricist Geezer Butler played a gigantic part in the band’s renown, from suggesting the band name to using his fascination with horror, religion, and the occult to compose the lyrics and build the foundation of heavy metal as we know it.

In Into the Void, Butler tells his side of the story, from the band’s beginnings as a scrappy blues quartet in Birmingham through the struggles leading to the many well-documented lineup changes while touring around London’s gritty clubs (Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, and The Who makes notable appearances!), and the band’s important later years. He writes honestly of his childhood in a working-class family of seven in Luftwaffe-battered Birmingham, his almost-life as an accountant, and how his disillusionment with organized religion and class systems would spawn the lyrics and artistic themes that would resonate so powerfully with fans around the world.

Into the Void reveals the softer side of the heavy metal legend and the formation of one of rock’s most exciting bands, while holding nothing back. Like Geezer’s bass lines, it is both original, dramatic, and forever surprising.




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  1. Paul Ray

    Always good to hear the honest comments of those that have lived life to the full.
    PLus , sadly, another legend is getting ready to retire with very little ready to take up the flag.

  2. Alan Cumpton

    Love it! If i don’t win….i’m going to buy it! Cheers Geezer!!!

  3. Dino DiPietro

    I’m reading into the void today. On page 130 the book mentions that after a 14 month sabbatical Sabbath resumed touring in May of 1974. I have a ticket stub from February 19, 1974 of the first show I had ever seen Black Sabbath. I was 15 years old. They played at the capitol centre in Largo, Maryland outside of Washington DC supported by Bedlam (Cozy Powell on drums). Would you want a photograph of the ticket stub for this site?

    • MARCO

      The book cover picture, is from the “Born Again” Tour. I saw that show in Corpus Christi, Texas…Ian Gillian, Beverly Bevan and of course Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler

  4. andre daul

    Hello , juste pour savoir si le livre sera un jour publier en français ? un fan français

  5. Jim

    What a fun read! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all down in writing. To me, it is so interesting to see how it all started. But even more interesting is the mindset of the band throughout the years and the determination to make it all work no matter what! Also, all of the fun memories that go along with your career, and more importantly, the happy retirement that came from all of the hard work! Great job of covering such a long span of time in a short book. And also, thanks for all of the years of enjoyment that I have had (and still have) listening to your music.

  6. Jay cuthbert

    I appreciate your candor regarding depression and mental illness. The humanity in that is refreshing and unexpected. Yes, you’re a rock legend, but above all you’re relatable and real.
    This was the first book I picked up in very long time(too much screen time I suppose). Many thanks.
    Is there any future plans for public appearances, perhaps book signings in the states?

    • Joe

      Reply from Geezer:

      Thank you for your comments. I am glad that I was relatable. At the moment, I have no plans for appearances. Best wishes to you! – Geezer


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