The Antibody Collection


YellowHeart has teamed up with Geezer Butler for his first-ever NFT, a graphic novel called “The Antibody Collection” which will go live on March 25 at 12 p.m. EST.

“The Antibody” is a multi-part NFT collection, offering each chapter as an animated, limited edition NFT. Each NFT features original music (mainly bass guitar) and storylines created by GRAMMY Award winning musician and songwriter Geezer Butler, as well as original artwork by KOL.

At the height of the lockdown, KOL shared the first picture of the demon featured throughout the graphic novel – and the rest was history. Drawing inspiration from the viral pandemic taking the world by storm, Geezer and KOL collaborated to create what ultimately became “The Antibody”.

A portion of proceeds from this collection will be donated to help humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. Specifically: IFAW, Harmony Fund, Save the Children, and UNICEF.

Your Thoughts


  1. Walter Pilos

    I’m looking forward to this and its great helping people who are in need because of man’s greed. Our World needs to open it’s eyes, for when the smoke clears we will find they’ve taken ever penny and even our only dime. War Pigs lives again

  2. jay

    Am interested to Hear&see just what this looks&sounds like being a bassist as well as Art fan

  3. Michael D. McClendon

    Very cool, can’t wait. I’m sure it with be great as is all of Geezer’s songs

  4. Victor Salazar

    Surely enough am really looking forward to this shall be on the look-out. Greetings for all and sure am glad that the funds shall go to Ukraine relief indeed….. 😎👍😉🤟🎼☠🖤🍻 Smile. \m/ ‘ [-_-] ‘ \m/….Bye… Bottoms up and cheers…Stay loud, stay proud, stay heavy. Take care, and be safe ……. #Adanporsiempre ……


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