Happy 38th Anniversary to the love of my life, Gloria!

Your Thoughts


  1. mike pujol

    Thank You Gloria For Loving ,Protecting Animals ,It’s Obvious The Inner Love For Them,Shine’s Through For All To See.
    And Terry ,Thank You For Inner Love For All God’s Creatures ,And For Us Party Animals Too -lol
    I Really Admire All You Do For The Protection Of All Animals ,And Just By Following You Gloria On Twitter
    I’ve Learned That They Were Used In Races For Gambling Purposes,And That It’ No-More Here in America
    Which Opened My Eyes And Made Me See That We Need People Like You Two ,
    Thank You Both,For All You Do

  2. Lorna Zorrilla

    Hope you are both well.
    I am an author, I have self published a few children’s books but I have a novel busting to be completed. It just needs ‘PARANOID’ to help it breathe. How can I use this please.?
    Extremely best wishes


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