Happy Birthday Bill Ward

Happy 70th birthday Bill Ward. Still the best!

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  1. Ole Krauter

    Hi Geezer, lovely picture of you and Bill! Lother (Lothar Schiffler) just sent me your book and I read it in one through up to page 58 so far, I truely love it !!! More so, I am very happy to read you take care for animals and that you are a vegetarian !!! I used to roadie for the Loco back in 1969 and I am the guy you (Sabbath) called up from Zurich that December asking for work so we then could arrange three smashing gigs in the Stuttgart area, the photo of Lothar in your book was taken then, yeah, I remember quite well. You may never read theese lines but if you do and you are interested in some more photos, just send me a mail.
    I´m still a Brummie you know! Take care man,

  2. Ole Krauter

    Geezer, I finished your book now, I still love it, thank you for the pleasure of reading it !!!
    P.S. If you ever tlk to Bill, please let him know that Chick Webb is still alive!


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