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Design a Logo Contest has Closed

Want to thank all of you for the logo submissions.  Who knew there were so many talented people out there.   A decision will be made shortly.


NAMM 2014

January 20, 2014 3 Comments » Misc Stuff

Launching my signature Lakland Basses and EMG Pickups at NAMM 2014 – My first official signature gear!!

I will be signing on Friday, January 24th at Hartke from 11-12pm, EMG Pickups from 1-2pm, and Lakland from 3-4pm.

Come on down!

Bass Player Live – Nov 9, 2013

August 21, 2013 1 Comment » Misc Stuff

Bass Player Live 2013


December 5, 2012 4 Comments » Misc Stuff

What’s this about?  Check the album notes for “Black Science“.   Thanks to Evan Dawson-Baglien.

RJD Live Auction – Dec 1st

November 26, 2012 No Comments » Misc Stuff

Geezer Joins the Hartke Family

July 27, 2012 No Comments » Misc Stuff


For Immediate Release: June 20, 2012

Mark Menghi
Marketing Director

Bass Legend Geezer Butler Joins The Hartke Family

Hauppauge, NY – Hartke is pleased to announce the addition of legendary bassist Geezer Butler to its family of artists. Best known as the co-founder of the iconic band Black Sabbath, Butler has been a mainstay in the hard rock community for over 40 years. A prolific songwriter, Butler is credited with being the first bassist to experiment with alternate tunings, wrote most of Black Sabbath’s famous lyrics and was influential in creating the band’s now famous sound. He has also served as a major influence playing with Heaven and Hell, and his own project, GZR. Geezer joins a stable of Hartke players including Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, Jack Bruce (Cream), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Frank Bello (Anthrax) and Will Lee (Late Show with David Letterman) to name a few.

“It’s a true honor to welcome Geezer to the Hartke family,” states Director of Marketing for Hartke, Mark Menghi. “Not only is he a pioneer of the bass guitar, but his musical contributions have been instrumental in forming the foundation for what the hard rock and metal genres have become today.”

This past April, Butler was a surprise guest at the Metal Masters 3 clinic at West Hollywood’s Key Club. Playing through Hartke’s new Kilo Bass Amplifiers, he performed a finale rendition of the Black Sabbath fan-favorite “Hole In The Sky”.

Butler also featured his Hartke setup at the 2012 Download festival in the UK on June 10. Over 100,000 fans watched Butler and Black Sabbath close the world’s premier music festival.

For more information on Butler, visit or

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New Geezer Interview

June 16, 2011 8 Comments » Misc Stuff

There’s a new interview that Geezer did with Jon Liebman from “For Bass Players Only” earlier this month.  Geez talks about several things from his musical upbringing, to his choice of bass guitar, to the usual questions about early Black Sabbath, as well as Ronnie James Dio and what he’s doing now.

Check out a few samples from the full interview, which is available to read now!

FBPO: What else lies ahead for you and your career?  What can we look forward to seeing and hearing from Geezer Butler?

GB: I have been writing songs for a possible G//Z/R album and slowly compiling memoirs – what I can recall of them. I’m hoping to have the book out in 2012, but it is very slow going. An album, maybe in 2012, is also a possibility.

FBPO: You were quite young when Black Sabbath was launched.  How did the band’s success compare to whatever you might have been expecting?

GB: I was 18 when we first got together, in June 1968. I used to dream about being successful.  I sort of knew it was my destiny to be in a band, but none of us ever thought we’d have the success and longevity that we have enjoyed – and endured! At that time, if you were over 25, you were considered too old to rock ‘n roll, so we thought if we were still around after five years, we’d have accomplished our mission.

Geezer wins Metal Guru Award – UPDATED

December 14, 2010 20 Comments » Misc Stuff

Recently, Geezer Butler was awarded the “Metal Guru” award by Classic Rock Magazine.  He was presented with the award on November 10th, and we have some pictures from the event to show you.  There’s also a story about the award and the other winners from the night that you can read here.  Check out the pictures, which  (c) Classic Rock / Future Publishing, except the last two, which are courtesy of  Mick Hutson / Classic Rock.

UPDATE Dec 14: Two more pictures have been added.  One is of Geezer & Tony backstage, and the other is a picture with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Geezer, Geddy Lee, & Tony Iommi backstage.  Check it out below.

Larger versions of the pictures are available at Geezer’s photo gallery here.

Geezer Interview about Dio & Ozzy

September 8, 2010 2 Comments » Misc Stuff

Geezer recently did a very good interview with Tim Henderson of “Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles” on a number of things, but mostly Ronnie James Dio.  He also touched on the possibility of a reunion with Ozzy Osbourne, too.   Here’s a few quotes:

Regarding the last time Geezer had listened to the Paranoid album:

“I can’t even remember the last time I listened to it,” Butler begins with an innocence and a bewildering attitude. “I mean, probably when the original band first got back together for the reunion in 1997 or whatever it was, 1997, ’98, something like that. And I had to play the album just to pick out which songs we were going to do live. At that time I thought it sounded great. I mean, not having heard it for a long time before that, and then you put it on fresh and you sort of remember ‘War Pigs’ and ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Iron Man’, but you sort of forget about things like ‘Hand Of Doom’, how good that was.”

Regarding the staying power of Black Sabbath:

“Bands lasted like two or three years and then you wouldn’t hear from them again. When we did Paranoid, THE BEATLES had only been together for eight years and broken up. So we thought, ‘well if the Beatles break up after eight years then we’ll probably last about two or three years and that’ll be it. And never to be heard of again,’ which is a good thing because if you could get a time machine you probably would go back and change the music so it’s perfect and everything, and it just wouldn’t be the same.”

Regarding the death of his friend Ronnie James Dio and what he misses:

“Just his whole presence,” Butler responds in a sombre tone. “I mean, he could always talk about anything. It’s very rare that I find other people that can talk about absolutely anything from books to any sport, TV, films, whatever. And he’d always have an interesting point of view. And musically as well, you know, and Ronnie wasn’t afraid to disagree with you. And I like arguing with people as well as he did, so we could always have good arguments together and just great conversations. He didn’t live that far away from me here so I used to be able to call him up and we’d go down to the pub and have a pint or whatever, and I can’t do that anymore so it’s like you lose not only the person you work with but one of your best friends.

Go check out the full interview here.  It’s a great read.

Geezer’s MOG Playlist

June 29, 2010 1 Comment » Misc Stuff

Available now over at is Geezer Butler’s exclusive playlist of songs for  These are tunes that Geezer specifically picked, and if you’re interested in hearing what Geez likes, you’ll want to check it out here.

Some of the artists on the playlist are Albert King, Billie Holiday, Robert Johnson, & the Stanley Clarke Trio.  Check it out!