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Geezer Butler Of Black Sabbath On New Book ‘Into The Void,’ Writing ‘War Pigs’

Growing up in post-World War II England informed the early worldview of Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler.

Butler’s father was a veteran, the roof of his childhood home was damaged by a bomb and bombing sites doubled as a playground in the Aston area of Birmingham, experiences which would influence him as he began writing the lyrics to songs like “War Pigs.”

Soon, concepts like poverty, pollution and famine would make their way into his lyrics, with Black Sabbath writing easily relatable songs during a time when such topics were anything but the norm.

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  1. Zeev

    Hi there.
    Just finished the book.
    Must say it was great time,every minute counts for good.
    Decent storytelling, very detailed, with pure love for music.
    The explanation of the lyrics ,love story,everything. THANKS,SIR!!!


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