Geezer Butler on New Project Deadland Ritual

There is a new interview with Geezer Butler talking about the Deadland Ritual project, as well as the retirement of Black Sabbath.  

I understand you were the final piece of the Deadland Ritual puzzle. How did you meet the guys?

I did some charity things with Matt drumming probably three of four years ago, but we did a tour with Velvet Revolver; they supported Sabbath in Europe a few years ago, so I met him then. I didn’t even know this call was for a new band; I thought it was not for Camp Freddy (an all-star cover band), but Kings of Chaos (formed by Sorum, GN’R’s Duff McKagan¬†and Gilby Clarke, plus a revolving lineup featuring members of Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Aerosmith). I thought it was for that at first. They sent me two songs with lyrics already done and I really liked them. Then they sent me a third song and asked me to write lyrics for that, I said ‘I’m not really sure about lyrics,’ but when we had a meeting, and they explained, yeah, that it was going to be a totally separate new band.

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  1. Sean Carroll

    Geezer, I am glad you are back making new music, if you go on tour I hope you make a stop in Phoenix.


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