Design a Logo Contest has Closed

Posted on June 2, 2014

Want to thank all of you for the logo submissions.  Who knew there were so many talented people out there.   A decision will be made shortly.


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  1. Zimon says:

    any other news about the contest?

  2. Gabriel Reis says:

    I’m waiting anxiously for the winner…


  3. Dragonlady says:

    Beginning to be curious too 🙂
    Guess it’s a bit hard to do that while on tour, no rush…

  4. Bruno Gallo says:

    Hello! Any news about the contest?

  5. harlott says:

    Any news about this contest?? Something would be nice even if you didnt like any of them.

  6. Felipe says:

    Hello guys, has passed about 2 months, any answer for us??? “a decision will be made shortly”

  7. Very anxious to see the winning logo…

  8. Milton says:

    I know it must be tough decision for the jury… but the crowd is getting anxious.

  9. Milton says:

    Dear GZR staff,
    Please don´t forget that those “many talented people out there” are waiting for almoast 5 month for your decision.

    Cheers \m/

  10. Bruno Gallo says:

    and?? is this a joke or what?

  11. Bruno Gallo says:


  12. Emmy says:

    You said “shortly”. But it’s been over 8 months now ._.

  13. Hi,

    just seeing if there were any decisions made regarding the submissions for Geezer Butler logo / identity entered by all in June last year. Couldn’t see I’d missed an update. Any news would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

    J. Price

  14. Bjørn Johan Storås says:

    So, will there be an update regarding the competition before June 2, 2015 ? 🙂
    (one year anniversary)
    Seems a lot of people are anxious to know the results 🙂

  15. Oswaldo says:

    Does anyone know what is the religious image next to the logo ?

  16. Victor says:

    Hi, what happened with the contest?? You guys should announce a winner or declare it null or something, but not letting people like that :l

  17. pater Havlasa says:

    I won. Where the hell is my logo? It was cool too. It combined fire of hell, devil horns, and guitars.

  18. Duarte says:

    Who’s the winner????

  19. Duarte says:

    Show me your logo!!

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