Remembering Ronald

Posted on May 16, 2014

Remembering Ronald today – 4 years already.



  1. Giulia Tamilia says:

    So long Ronnie…in loving memory forever!

  2. steve colligan says:

    Still missing you Ronnie. Guess I always will. The one and only king of rock n roll. Listen to your music every day. Will love you forever. The last time we met, 2008 in Birmingham UK,you called me ‘your front stage man’. Best night of my life. Thanks for the magic. God bless you.

  3. RCM in Michigan says:

    Geezer, I got to see you with Heaven and Hell at your outdoor Detroit gig in ’09. I noticed then that RJD didn’t seem to be looking his best…I’d seen him before with his band (’85) and with Sabbath on the “Dehumanizer” tour (’92). However, THAT VOICE was still ringing out into the Michigan night. You, RJD, the Riffmaster Iommi, Vinny and Scott Warren put on a blinder of a show. Thank God I got to see that lineup one more time and you made an album (“The Devil You Know”) that was an instant classic. RIP, Ronnie and God bless you in your future endeavours, Geezer! Come back to Michigan anytime!

  4. graham says:

    hi geezer you probably won’t remember me,i visited with you all when you were recording tyr in rockfield studio monmouth,can’t believe it’s been 4 yrs since ronnie passed,so very sad, great all made us feel so welcome ty for that cheers gra

  5. Jeff Darden says:

    RJD, a voice I grew up listening to. My favorite were the Sabbath/Heaven and Hell incarnations. I witnessed Ronnie many times live over the years and every time he was phenomenal. I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with him twice, a great guy, very cool. I miss him already . . . RIP RONNIE.

  6. steve colligan says:

    Another year without Ronnie. Missing him as much as ever. The voice. The smile. The aftershow conversation. God bless you Ronnie. You were the best. No one else came even close.

  7. steve colligan says:

    Six years without Ronnie. Gone so fast. Feels so long. Will always miss you. Will always love you. The biggest voice. The biggest smile. God bless you, Ronnie. The one and only king of rock ‘n’ roll.

  8. Uche Ugha says:

    Here’s one of your greatest fans in Africa. I grew up playing Black Sabbath from the 70’s and I always get knocked out by ur style of playing the bass guitar. So unconventional, so creative and soooo HEAVY

    Ronnie brought a new style to Sabbath with the Heaven & Hell album BUT for me it wasn’t quite Sabbath.

    RIP to the dead. We all miss his leather tonsils!

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