Thank You!

Posted on September 14, 2013

Thank you USA and Canadian fans for making the recent tour so incredible. Still there after all these years. Hope to see you all again soon. Much love.

— Geezer

Latin American Dates

  • Oct 4 – Santiago, Chile – Estadio Monumental
  • Oct 6 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Estadio Unico De La Plata
  • Oct 9 – Porto Alegre, Brazil – Fiergs
  • Oct 11 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Pama
  • Oct 13 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Apoteose
  • Oct 16 – Peru, Lima – Estadio Monumental
  • Oct 19 – Bogota, Colombia – Parque Simon Bolivar
  • Oct 22 – San Jose, Costa Rica – Estadio Nacional
  • Oct 26 – Mexico City, Mexico – Foro Sol


  1. Carl Wojo says:

    Once again good luck on the tour. Can’t wait forDVD I will buy anything Sabbath releases.


  2. ]v[auro says:

    The Oct 6 show in Argentina was outstanding. I was very close to the stage, so i had a great view. And i was in all the pogos 🙂 . The show was incredible. I saw people crying…, It was easily one of the greatest nights in my entire life.
    I can now say that i had the honor of seeing both the Dio fronted Sabbath (aka Heaven & Hell) and Sabbath with Ozzy and a great surprise to me,Tommy Clufetos.
    Now i just hope to see you guys at least once again, but this time all the 4 original members, with Bill included.
    I love you Geezer, you are an amazing Bass player, my all time favourite heavy metal bass player of my all time favourite metal band. Black Sabbath.
    I hope you just read this.
    Ole Ole Ole Ole Sabbath Sabbath !!!

  3. Bluesfan says:

    Yes,the fans are still there/here,and we still love you guys.I caught your show in Toronto in August and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen,and man I’ve seen ALOT of shows.This was was my first time Sabbath show(all previous attempts were always thwarted by friends – usually of the female gender – but not this time no freakin way ladies you can wait!!!!).Thanks for coming to my hometown guys.I’ve been a die-hard fan for nearly 35 years.If you decide on a return visit I’ll be there and the upcoming dvd is as good as bought.

  4. William says:

    Than you for making me -and the rest of the stadium- feel so alive last Tuesday (Oct. 22nd) in your concert in Costa Rica. Your bass lines are engraved in my soul.

    The first time I listened to a complete BS album, that day, I knew that music would be my driving force.

    Thanks you sir and thanks to Tony, Bill and John.



  5. Alfred Konkelaar Zwolle Holland says:

    Hello Geezer,
    Thanks for the great show you gave in Amsterdam on the 28th of september. I had the day of my life because i did win a Meet & Greet in Aardschok Magazine. Finally I met my all time favourite heroes,nobody can;t take that away from me. I hope you did also enjoy your performance in Amsterdam.Can”t wait to see guys comin to Holland again soon.

    Take care,

    Alfred Konkelaar

  6. Ron Rachul says:

    Greetings Terrance (Geezer),
    I have been a fan of you since the 1st Sab album (I’m now 57). I finally got to see you live in Sabbath in 1999 in Seattle and at the Ozzfest later that summer here in Vancouver and a couple times in H&H both times you came to Vancouver. My condolences for the departed RJD.
    I had met you briefly in Vancouver on August 28th 1997 when you came with your band and played at Studebakers in Burnaby. Bruce Dickinson was the headliner (but it should have been you guys).
    You had just jumped out of a van in the alley and were walking to your tour bus and my friend and I were standing there right after a puff. You caught me by surprise and all I said was hi, but I am kicking myself since for not at least striking up a little conversation with you and thanking you for all your great music.
    I was looking into the Mortal Kombat:More Kombat soundtrack on Wikipedia and saw you played on it and by more searching came to your site to listen to the songs that are on it and the Japanese release of Black Science (great songs by the way) and felt I just had to write and express my sincere gratitude for your music (writing and playing). You are the best man!
    Your wiriting and playing has been an anchor in my life and has got me through some very difficult times (cancer, etc).
    I also saw on Wikipedia that your band is supposed to be releasing a new album this year and I am stoked! Can’t wait.
    I play poker on the Pokerstars website and my nickname in geezerno1fan and my avatar is the hand from Black Science. I hope this does not infringe on any copyrights and if it does and you want me to change it I will, no problem. It is just my homage to the best bassist in the world!
    Sorry for the long mail, just wanted to show my gratitude to you.
    Take care.

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