Aston Villa 13

Posted on July 31, 2013

Here’s a picture of me in my new Aston Villa shirt. Taken backstage at the W Palm Beach, FL Black Sabbath show.

With my new AVFC Shirt - Backstage in W Palm Beach, FL

With my new AVFC Shirt – Backstage in W Palm Beach, FL


  1. Lars "the swede" says:

    Great t-shirt and a great wictory against Arsenal. Look out for our Avfc flag at friends arena in Stockholm when you play with your great band.

  2. Dayvid Antunes says:

    Geezer, gostei muito da personalização de sua camisa.
    A próxima que eu comprar do meu time, o Flamengo, colocarei também “Black Sabbath – 13”.
    Ah, fui ao show que vocês fizeram no Rio de Janeiro e foi muito, muito bom mesmo! Obrigado por existirem.

  3. Miss Christian Ray says:

    Great Picture….You are a lucky man

  4. Stephen Johnston says:

    If Iron Maiden can produce West Ham shirts, why isn’t there a Villa/Sabbath one? On Villa badge, replace lion with Sabbath logo fallen angel. Put B.S.F.C. (hmm..could read bullshit) above, sorted!! I’ll be at Wembley for the final wearing Sabbath shirt, wishing there was a combination. UP THE VILLA!!!!!!

  5. Steve Bishop says:

    Was at the gig last night in Brum. Fucking Brilliant. Must have lost 3 stone jumping around singing every song at the top of my voice (not that you could hear me). I have been a Villa fan for 50 years and a Sabbath fan since Paranoid was released. FANTASTIC night. Thanks. UTV.

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