Posted on May 4, 2013

As I said on Twitter the other night, I wanted to thank the Melbourne crowd the other night for their incredible support!   It was really great seeing old friends, and great being back on stage with Black Sabbath.

Also, it was a great crowd in Perth, too.   Thanks to ALL who have turned up at the gigs – hope to see you somewhere else down the road on tour this year!

Thanks to John Raptis who sent in some photos from the Melbourne gig.  A couple of them are below.  You can see all of his photos here.



  1. Grant Lukies says:

    Hi Geezer, Just wanted to thank you and the lads for an awesome gig in Perth on May 4th. I’ve been waiting 35 years to see you guys live (and got to see you with my 15 year old son) and you did not dissappoint. Though Ozzy obviously had some vocal issues toward the end, given your vintages, you guys get 101% respect for never giving up. I really hope Tony can stay healthy and nimble (I loved his biography) and hope Bill can work through his issues so you guys can maybe tour as the originals again. Congrats to Tommy for filling in spectacularly. Again thankyou for coming to Perth and keeping your music out there….Cheers

  2. Evan Ezra says:

    Geezer, thanks for coming back to Australia, saw you in Sydney and it was the best. Having seen Sabbath and H&H since 72, you guys are still the best.

  3. Kevin oakes says:

    Really looking forward to the homecoming Brum (Birmingham UK ) gig…………………..Sabbath sounds so good…….new album is awesome……….nice one…..

    See ya


  4. John Gallagher says:

    Happy Birthday Geezer
    Yesterday by sheer coincidence I felt I needed some new Sabbath in my life, (your Brisbane tickets sold out too quickly), so I went out and got 13 and must agree with Fred Thomas that it was “unexpectedly brilliant, apocalyptic, and essential for any die-hard metal fan”. You know, I am 54 and have been listening to your mob since I was 12, and to be honest I was expecting something on a par with Bowie’s The Next Day, good, but nothing to knock my socks off, so I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that by the third bar of God Is Dead? I was bare footed! Goddamn it’s great to hear Ozzy with the 10 strings (unless you’ve gone all contemporary metal and play a 16 string bass, while Tony has one of those guitars with more strings than sense) that made him and you all legends. It was like Janet Willis’ review of my 20 year old son’s band’s debut CD ( crowned-vacuous-spectral-silence), “I miss this stuff so much that when a band does it, and does it right, I actually fucking cry!!!!” I’m listening to VSS at the moment, and though it does not “make tears well in my eyes” in the way some of “13” does, it’s good stuff, as Ms. Willis wrote, “This is black metal with atmosphere and substance, so bullshitters can suck on their own assholes at the feet of these guys as far as I’m concerned”.
    P.S. When watching the Black Sabbath episode of Rock Family Trees back in 1998, my then 14 year old daughter became a little smitten with you and loved your sense of humour, though she thought Bill Ward was a bit pathetic (her words).
    All the best, Jungle Lager, Queensland.

  5. Thommo says:

    Im 21 and since I was a wee lad I’d always loved Black Sabbath (Its all about the big 3 for me, Sabbath, Zeppelin and Purple, saw purple too, second row centre, will probably never see zeppelin but i could die happy tomorrow if i did)
    I was at the second Melbourne show, I was seated right next to where Geezer (you, if youre the one actually reading this) was set up, and its been playing on my mind, I was drunk as a skunk and singing along (loudly), towards the end of the show he (you) shot a glance off in my general direction that didnt look too happy.
    Just wanted to say sorry if it was my terrible singing that that glance was aimed at.

    Look at me Im getting all fan-girly.
    Great show, an epic moment in my life, you guys rock.

  6. Jody Brown says:

    Caught the sabbath show September 2nd in Noblesville took my 14 year old boy he’s been a sabbath fan since the 1st iron man movie came out we’ve never had the chance to you guys live but was amazed .
    It was a great experience to actually see the live show we both play music he has a band called MAMAS HEADACHE it a group of 14 yr old kids and man they rock they have yet to find a bst player their age so I’m helping them out and we cover a few sabbath tunes to see you live was literally awsome you are truly GEEZER FUCKIN BUTLER keep on thumping it’s a great inspiration.

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