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Posted on May 19, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you Birmingham. Best fans ever- you brought out the best in us. It was a privilege playing for you tonight. Tony was a hero- you were the best medicine he has had. Proud to be a Brummie.


Thanks to Sergej Scerbanovskij for the photo.


  1. Mark Vance says:

    Tony , Tony, Tony ,Tony ,!!

    You were great Geezer ~ almost got a plectrum ~ missed it by an inch . Come see Aston Hall by Candlelight next year . I shook your hand the last time you tried to sneak in !

  2. Lummo says:

    Geezer – what a show!!!!!

    Loved it, loved it, loved it! Still buzzing…

    I first saw you 30 years ago, and you just get better & better.

    Up the Villa!

    Lummo (Boldmere)

  3. Deepinder says:

    I loved the show. The band have really worked hard as this performance had the band playing out of their skin. I admire your stamina. A gutsy performance and a great PA at the venue. Tony played a great solo during the dirty women song (I think!) there was a great one in there anyway towards the end. It was an historic gig in the context of the times.

  4. Helen Maidiotis says:

    Hey Geezer, I am from Sydney, Australia and I just wanted to say how happy I am to hear that your gig went so well… I wish I could have been there too…it would have been a dream come true!!! God Bless you all!!!!!!! \m/\m/ Cheers!! xoxoxo

  5. henry mossberg says:

    Thanks Geezer. I wish only the best for you, Tony, and Ozzy.
    Good luck in the studio, and with the next tour.
    I’ll be there, no matter who’s drumming.

    Just saw the new Avengers movie tonight, and Tony Stark spends most of his unarmored time in a Black Sabbath shirt with the Never Say Die pilot. I always liked that album title – they’re good words to live by.

  6. Stuart Bayley says:

    You and the boys were on fire last night! Just simply amazing. I was dripping in sweat, and i ache all over this morning, but it was so worth it! What a fantastic gig, thank you so so much

  7. Adam Broome says:


    I had the privilege of being in the audience for last night’s show in Birmingham. What a blast!
    I hadn’t seen you since 1978, but the band sounded better than ever. The energy was incredible. – for my 16 year old daughter, it was a magical moment. One of the best gigs ever, a truly historical event, and one we shall talk about for many years.

    Never mind all the Facebook nonsense, (I think for what it’s worth that all of that sort of stuff is best dealt with in private), it is the music that matters. The 3000 odd people at the O2 last night will agree with me, I am sure!

    Ozzy’s vocals were excellent, the drumming was powerful and spot on, keyborads were good, Tony’s playing was breathtakingly powerful and exquisite in equal measures, and the bass player wasn’t too bad either! A good set list as well that covered a range of your work.

    We may see you at Download if I can scrape together enough pennies! We also look forward to the new Album.

    Thank you again for an excellent show. Good luck for the future for you and the band!

  8. keith freeman says:

    absolutely fantastic, from one brummie to another you make us so proud luv ya

  9. Mike says:

    Thank you Geezer (Tony, Ozzy and Tommy) – last night was simply awesome. Sound was amazing, you were all on top form, the crowd was bouncing, and the setlist was great (Under the Sun – my favourite song and Wheels of Confusion).

  10. Kevin Oakes says:

    Great evening geezer ..thank you so much, the statement that you made shed more light on things! tony played a ‘blinder’. Let’s hope that’s the end of the dreaded ‘C’ ! Stay safe and enjoy. Kev

  11. Scott Walker says:

    Sabbath came home to Birmingham, crushed the doubters and played like hero’s. Special mention to Tony, who was awesome tonight. Hope feeling the love generated tonight puts things into perspective. Gig of a lifetime? you bet. LEGENDARY! See you at Donington. Bottom line= WE LOVE SABBATH. GOD BLESS.

  12. Rob says:

    Thank you Mr Butler! What a night, what a setlist too. A really special night. It was a privilege to be part of that concert.

  13. rod says:

    Thank you Tony, Geezer, Ozzy, and Tommy Clufetos. It’s a blessing to still have the chance to listen to some real metal music. Can’t wait for the album to be released. Could have been better if Bill Ward were there, yet, we, as real Sabbath fans, have three of the original four members in a pack and that means we’ve been given a gift : to listen to the magic metal of Sabbath again. Tommy Clufetos is a great drummer.

  14. lee peters says:

    Alroight are ya? What a night!! Great choice of material. Loved every minute and it was obvious you all did too! Looking forward to the album. All the best. Lee, Erdington

  15. Ken munns says:

    What a show last night was, Totaly Awesome. It was a privilege to see you play, you made me proud to be a Brummie.

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  17. Dave Livesey says:

    Hi Geezer. Thanks for one of the best nights of my life. Awesome setlist. the whole band played like demons possessed. You made a Sabbath fan more happy than words can say.
    All the very best.

  18. Phil says:

    Was amazing. You should all be so proud. A band of men in their 60’s who can blow bands less than half their age out the water. Fantastic.

  19. Michel says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Brazil again

  20. Barrie Smith says:


    I couldn’t get a ticket for last nights gig but caught the first reunion in 94.
    Wish I could of been there last night the set list was interesting, some old stuff that I didn’t expect.

    On a different subject, I love the claret & blue bass !! Who would you like to see as our new manager ??

    Keep frosty


  21. Bill J says:

    Geez, that was amazing. That was my 3rd Sabbath experience in the uk since moving from Oz 12 years ago. Was buzzing the whole way back to Surrey that night, and have been all the next day too. Like Alysbury a few years ago, this was no warm up. Absolutely on fire. Have a few days well deserved rest. See you in the pit again in a few weeks at Donnington. Bring it on!

  22. John pullen says:

    What a show totally fantastic one of the best nights ever, thank you so much. You guys looked great and the Tony looked really well hope the treatment makes him totally better.
    Geezer can you get the people who put ice in Ozzy’s bucket of water not to because when he through it at the crowd apiece of the ice hit me an inch above my eye leaving a cut and swelling. It’s a great story to tell people at work but would have done some serious damage an inch lower.Thanks again Geezer. John from Lapworth (the same one)

  23. eric therrien says:

    I just left a message on Bill website and i can’t believe that i won’t be able to see the original BS live once in my lifetime… you mentionned that there are 2 side to every story, but that’s only good if there’s 2 side….in this case there is more that three side, so nobody’s know what is really happening between lawyers and so on….why don’t you make a conference call, the 4 of you so you can determine the matter and solve it. for good. money can be put in grave, but i won’t serve nothing!

    Eric T.

  24. John says:

    fantastic guitar with fantastic night . Thank you
    It was Terry Welty still your bass tech?

  25. andrew says:

    still carnt believe,bill didnt do the triumpiant return to birmingham… sad.. the original 4. there is no other , eva…

  26. Matthew Oliver says:

    No sir, THANK YOU! THANK YOU ALL! was so amazing to see yourself, Tony and Ozzy on stage in Birmingham again where you started it all and even though I almost got crushed was wonderful that you were in such an intimate venue, gotta agree with John Pullen though, someone stood next to me got a cut on his nose from the ice but it was really refreshing, I really hope I do get to see you again and with bill but if not then last night was definitely an amazing way to do it, didn’t seem to have many glitches either, Mostly though hoping and praying for tony’s recovery and tommy was a brilliant stand in for bill,

  27. SoberInMN says:

    Dear Black Sabbath Member (this includes Bill, of course!),

    From the back and forth we’ve all been witnessing going between the Ward & Sabbath camps, it seems to me like you guys just need to get together face to face in some kind of a private location to try to hash this thing out man-to-man without all the lawyers and such acting as middlemen; a “retreat” as such…

    I would like to offer up my humble abode as a location for such a retreat. Between my wife and myself, we have over 45+ years of continued sobriety/clean time (for Ozzy & Bill), we have a family member who has undergone chemotherapy treatments (for Tony), and one of my good friends has an extensive collection of exotic & home-brewed ale’s and brews (Geezer still drinks, right?). I also have a fully-stocked home studio with plenty of basses, a drumkit, and amps (Marshall & Laney) the boys could use to work out some jams …sorry, no “lefty” guitars, but I’m sure I could find something for Tony if necessary. We have plenty of room for you all to crash out here, and as I’m a long-haired freak (& many of my friends are to), the addition of a few more musician types would not arouse suspicion in our quiet Minnesota neighborhood. Not that I condone violence in any form, but we do have quite a good stock of big fluffy pillows that the boys could use to work out any resentments using physical aggression. To top it off, I have a JayDee Iommi Custom guitar that’s being finished now which they could deliver to me, so it’s a win-win-win-win-win for everyone!

    Sound good?

    Please guys, just hash this thing out between one another for the sake of your friendship…


  28. Neoptolemus says:

    Really glad you had a good gig. Probably the best medicine for Tony. Wishing you future success and happiness.

  29. Chrissie H says:

    Absolutely awesome!! Two days later, and I’m still buzzing from seeing you guys at the O2. Thank you, thank you… thank YOU xxx

  30. Mar says:

    WOW, I just saw some of the songs on youtube and they sounded freaking great , the fire still burns strong and the new drummer is a heavy hitting beast! I hope you guys are able to tour the east coast in the states ! Bring on the new album and never say die !


  31. Ian Hall says:


    quite simply the best gig I’ve ever seen. It was a privilege to see Sabbath play in Brum. I’ll never forget that magical night 🙂


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  34. Peter Price says:

    All-time great gig. Loved getting a close up view of Geezer’s brilliant bass playing.

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  36. Laurie Farrell says:


    big fan since 1974 saw you guys in Melbourne Festival Hall, have all albums, loved the first reunion stuff in 1998. I wish Bill would get off his soap opera and do it for the fans.
    You guys are looking great and saw Tony interview on “that metal show”. look forward to
    new album and hopw you guys come downunder as I know you love Australia.
    Big fan before metal was popular. Set at the Birmingham show looked awesome and the fans who were there very lucky.
    Go Sabbath

  37. wayne phillips says:

    Awesome gig .Was outside being interview before gig started.I was asked what song i would like to hear and i said wheels of confusion . Could not believe it when you played under the sun and wheels of confusion , it was a dream come true. Can wait for new album and tour .

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