One Year Ago Today

Posted on May 16, 2011

I can’t believe it’s been 12 months.

RIP, Ronnie


  1. From what I have read, Geezer and his wife were with Ronnie and Wendy all through the last days. I am so glad that after all of the bad blood that came after they parted company
    years ago, they were able to become such great friends again and not only bring back the incredible Black Sabbath music they created with the Heaven And Hell concerts, but record such a great album in “The Devil You Know”!! We, the fans, were very lucky this happened!! Long live Dio!!!

  2. Rand Lampard says:

    Yesterday, I listened all day to Ronnie had a voice in. Ronnie and The Prophets on up to The Devil You Know. Miss him.

  3. Oscar says:

    Heavy rock, for me, is Black Sabbath featuring Ronnie James Dio… Little giant, you¨ll never be forgotten!

  4. Herlon says:

    I still regret the moment I said I wouldn’t go to the Heaven & Hell show in São Paulo, Brazil, for reasons about previous personal schedule. With some effort, I could have done time for the show, as I did in 1992, when the mighty Black Sabbath firstly came here (what a show, Good Lord). My Heart and Soul are still shattered. Rest In Peace, dear Ronnie. You will always be remembered. I write these words hearing “Wishing Well”, from the classic and timeless “Heaven And Hell”.

  5. Leonardo Jensen Ribeiro says:

    Ronnie will never get out of our minds and hearts.

    From Brazil, a lot of respect, we miss you man.


  6. Lelo Nirvana says:

    “Someday, some way, you’ll feel the things I say
    Dream for a while of the things that make you smile..”

    RJD – The Humanizer

  7. Herlon says:

    A year before this tragic passing (May 15, 2009) Heaven & Hell played in my hometown (São Paulo, Brazil). Many friends asked me why I was declining to go to this so awaited musical event, and I said: “busy personal schedule, and I know they will come back”. I thought my confidence in the returning of the band had good reasons: since 1992, the year the almighty Black Sabbath firstly came here for the “Dehumanizer” album (what a show, I was there), in one way or another (the Dio band or Black Sabbath with Tony Martin) they always came around here, once they discovered how much the Brazilian fans loved them (the shows were always sold out, or something closer to this).
    I will regret for the rest of my life the decision I made in 2009. I cannot hold back the tears in my eyes as I write this. The BEST Singer in Heavy Metal / Hard Rock is now singing for the LORD in the High Heaven above us all. There is no other place Ronnie must be right now. Thank You for all you did for us. My Heart and Soul are still shattered.

  8. Mr. Entropy says:

    The world is a lesser place now than it was before.

  9. StevenX says:

    Ronnie was an amazing talent, and by all accounts one of the nicest men in a cutthroat business. He is missed.

  10. Michael Madsen says:

    As I’m writing this I’m listening to the Heaven & Hell DVD live in the Radio City Music Hall, and I can’t stop wishing I had the power to jump back in time and place a healing hand on you! I love your music – God bless you Ronnie!

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